Growth plan

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Proven Strategies to Grow Your Practice and Build Lasting Relationships

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use a practice website to form an opinion of a doctor, dentist, or another healthcare provider

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Advertising can be expensive but it gives you the fastest growth path. Targeted advertising can provide the best bang for your buck. Basic advertising protects competition from stealing your patients. Advertising can give startup clinics the fastest path to profitability.

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Marketing is about running a series of experiments sustained over a period of time to see what yields results. So, what is the value of a marketing expert? You could spend money and time to run these experiments, or work with experts who can build and run them quickly to identify what yields results.


of prospective patients

search for a local business like a healthcare practice every day

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Stand out

Marketing is intended to help you stand out from the crowd and help your ideal patients self identify. It is often a lot of small elements that convey your image and we will help you establish your brand.

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Expert Blogs

What do patients look for when they are looking for a physician? Yes, they want to get a feel for you as an individual. But, it is most important to them to understand your expertise. We write custom blogs to showcase your expertise and build your own assets for the long term.

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Custom email marketing

What do your patients want from their relationship with a physician ? A proactive approach to managing their health. Engage with your patients proactively with customized emails to manage their health while increasing utilization of services and products.

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